Billand the Rock TableCroppedBecause of the special terrain and altitude of the Taos Ski Valley, it’s helpful to understand the qualities of the area. Bill Engle brings over 20 years experience of working with clients and their land and homes in TSV. Prior to that, many years of mountain management in the ski world, farming, stone masonry, (see below).  Whether it’s fire mitigation through forestry techniques, hard-scaping, landscaping, building rock walls, flagstone pathways/stairs or snow removal, Bill Engle of  Rock N Snow, LLC will make sure your property is well taken care of.

History and Experience:

Growing up on the family farm in the Hudson Valley of New York State, Bill gained valuable experience by doing what most farm boys do. Everything. He was practically born with a chainsaw in his hand, logging the land for firewood and timber. Keeping the land healthy and productive. As the family saw it, stewardship rather than ownership is the sustainable way of life. This started a lifelong education in horticulture, forestry techniques, agriculture, large and small equipment repair and maintenance. His father taught him every aspect of construction in maintaining the family home and outbuildings. Constructing New England style stone walls was a daily ritual. Picking suitable stones out of the fields to reuse in the walls. These valuable skills
have stuck with Bill throughout his entire life.

Bil at the top

From 1969-1976,  Bill worked  at Butternut Basin Ski Area as a night operations supervisor in snow grooming and snow making.  Bill decided he wanted to experience the big ski mountains in the west and moved to Squaw Valley, where he worked at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort  in lift repair and maintenance. While there, Bill had the opportunity to add to his stone masonry skills by apprenticing with master Stone Mason, Greg Beck, of North Tahoe Stone Masonry.

In Bill’s constant search for new skills, he was trained in the state of Massachusetts in 1972 by Blue Hill Logging under the CETA act, a Federal government training program,  as a forestry technician. Refining his skills in tree felling and all aspects of forestry work.

In 1978, Bill left Squaw Valley Ski Resort to become a junior partner at TNT. (Truckee North Tahoe) where he installed water mains, sewer/water lines, and underground utilities throughout Squaw Valley.

Bill was then recruited by Butternut Ski Basin to return east and become Manager of Mountain Operations from 1980-1991. Applying everything he had learned throughout the years,  Bill re-constructed the entire ski basin into what Morten Lund, in an article for Snow Country Magazine 1989, called  “The New Skiing” mountain. As Lund stated in the article: “The change from the last time I skied there eight  years ago was dramatic…. but what had really changed was the downhill feeling.” “As good as Colorado. It was wow skiing… massive in-place snow-making…squads of grooming machines  that work every trail by sunrise into a soft -but firm surface that spells, “have a ball.”

rock 'n snow

In 1991, Bill relocated to Northern New Mexico where in his words, “the last bastion of personal freedom and land of opportunity abounds”. He was working the usual three jobs all at the same time in Taos Ski Valley. Head of snowmaking for TSV, plowing snow on his own, food delivery for Shamrock Foods, all while starting his own business, Taos Fitness Adventures. He hiked all the mountain trails in the area, learned all the flora and fauna and got to know a wide group of people in Taos Ski Valley from the head of the Forest Service to the archeologist for  the BLM. As the fitness craze took off and larger fitness companies were being created left and right, Bill found it was time to shut down  TFA and focus on a new venture. In 1994, he bought Ski Valley Services and began to phase out of management at TSV. Ski Valley Services became Taos Dirt and Snow. Bill stayed on at TSV working in snow grooming and built Taos Dirt and Snow into a profitable entity, which eventually grew into his current business, Rock N Snow, LLC. Bill remained, and still remains to this day, intimately involved with the Village of Taos Ski Valley and Taos Ski Valley, Inc.

As Bill likes to say “working in the beauty and fresh air of TSV is like working in Paradise everyday.”









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